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1 – Be Concise

Shoot for one to three sentences as a rule of thumb.  Notice how quickly you understand what does.

Visitors immediately understand what the site’s overarching goal. In this case direct text works the best.

2 – Provoke action

The introductory text should serve as a call to action, in the case of Half Of Us eliciting visitors to purchase an art print to support cancer research.

3 – Place prominently

Instantly visitors see the introductory text as it’s placed on the left of the page. Top-left is ideal as studies show attention is often paid moreso to this area. The text also contains ample spacing around it to make it more distinct.

4 – Stay above the fold

The introductory text is immediately seen through its position on the left-hand side of the screen without the need for scrolling “below the fold” on even the smallest screens. This supports the notion that visitors look towards the top left of the page when searching for important information.

5 – Use short, punchy headings

The first sentence “Exploring online space” is short with a larger font size.  The headline grabs the site visitor right away.

6 – Immediately communicate value

Clock ties in its value to the customer in its introductory text by promising easy time tracking. Right away the visitor understands the benefit.

7 – Place call-to-action nearby

A call to action is placed close to the introductory text, encouraging visitors to sign up. Encourage visitors to take the next action by placing the call to action close to the text. Doing so prevents the visitor from missing the conversion behavior and ultimately hitting the back button.

8 – Surround with graphics

The sunburst directs our gaze directly towards the headline, garnering more attention.

9 – Mix up your fonts

The type size and font type of the heading on The Bright Future of Car Sharing manages to capture your attention due to its relative scale and interesting design.

10 – Use plenty of white space

Spacing is used to enhance the importance and distinctiveness of the type and draw the eye.

11 – Show some personality

Wonder Themes used the introductory text to show off their personality in getting visitors interested in their services. It’s short and simple yet written to embody the personality of the site. As the headline is usually the first thing visitors see when landing on your page, this text can go far in drawing visitors in and getting them interested.

Crafting powerful introductory text can be the difference between visitors sticking around or bouncing via the back button.

How do you optimize your website home page introduction?  What are your opinions of the examples given above?  We would love to hear your thoughts